Payday 2 sniper dlc

payday 2 sniper dlc

The Gage Sniper Pack is the fifth paid DLC Pack released for PAYDAY 2. This pack released a new type of weapons, sniper rifles and an asset to assist sniping. Payday 2 Sniper DLC - Great, but can I stealth again? So it's been quite a while since I've played Payday 2. The main reason being that the devs decided stealthing was dumb and everyone should play the game by killing as many people as possible. Bulldozers are two shot to the body by the Thanatos so I hear. If that isn't reason enough to buy it then I don't know what is ;) admin Founder/Consultant Growing up in different countries, Karam has a unique global perspective about gaming. He brings with him that set of eyes and ears that can look at the state of gaming from afar. His gaming loves cover just about every genre, and he is a constant presence on Xbox Live and PSN. Steam Community: PAYDAY 2. sniper dlc in a nutshell No. Released: Price: More Info: 151 2019, October 25 Update 196 $20.16 USD N/A » PAYDAY 2 with all past paid DLC : EXCLUDES all Career Criminal content, Event exclusive content, Collaborations exclusive content, Completely Overkill Pack, and h3h3 Character Pack. The Gage Sniper Pack DLC is the seventh DLC pack for PAYDAY 2 and adds powerful sniper rifles to the player's weapon arsenal. The bullets from a sniper rifle have armor penetration which means they can go through objects like walls. One bullet can even pierce several enemies. Bank Heist Gold: Death Wish R93 needs no attachments, it's great straight out the package in my opinion, Theia scope maybe if you prefer it. Playing with iCh. For a key I have either the payday 2 sniper dlc or mod courier dlc if your interested. PayDay2 Sniper DLC If you want specific mission suggestions, attempts, or any questions just leave a comment. PayDay2 playlist: .