Payday yes

payday yes

I have a loan with payday loan yes. these people have called and called and called me at work after i have asked them not to. They didn& 039;t have the right account number after i emailed it to them. Tim atkins called me at work and harassed me would not answer any of my questions and said they wer Payday Yes Loan AIS Services LLC This company is refusing to remove a negative report off my credit even though I can prove that the loan was paid. San Francisco California *Consumer Suggestion: Violation of Fair Credit Reporting Act *Author of original report: Legal Meditation and AIS Services LLC I was scammed by Payday Loan and I did take a loan out as bills were due and the wolves were at the door. On $300.00, I paid 7 charges of $105.00 each. This paid off the loan and automatically approved me for another loan, which I did not ask for at the time. I was contacted by Pursuant to California Financial Code section 23050, FFD Resources IV LLC, doing business as Payday Yes and Loren R. Cook and Associates Ltd., LLP, are hereby ordered to desist and refrain from engaging in the business of deferred deposit transactions, including but not limited to, originating or offering to originate deferred deposit transactions in the State of California without first obtaining a license from the California Corporations Commissioner, or otherwise being exempt. Recieved a call from someone stating I did a payday loan with payday loan yes back in November 2011. They are attempting to collect over 1032.00$. Starving but broke, Rhonda called Aunt Martha, whose generous nature and well-stocked cupboards would provide Rhonda with enough food until payday.