Not hard enough payday 2

not hard enough payday 2

♥♥♥♥ing these 2 achiemvents are glitched. Cannot be done. Already did it in several runs in slaughterhouse and its not unlocking. OVK fix it. jesus christ. Day 9 of Payday 2's Crimefest adds another Heist from Payday: The Heist, Slaughter House 2.0 & Vlad's Glasses. Slaughter House 2.0 Slaughterhouse provides another chance to serve it to those Murkywater bastards. You've worked their riverside warehouse over plenty of times, but this time you're hitting them out in the open. One of their… Not Hard Enough achievement in PAYDAY 2: Complete the Slaughterhouse job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above while Captain Winters is still present on the level