Kenwood services payday loans

kenwood services payday loans

I am getting harrassing and threatening phone calls like the previous complaints stating that I owe a payday loan and if I do not pay or make arrangements to pay they will take me to court. Is Kenwood Services licensed in Illinois to give out payday loans. Can i go to jail if i don't pay them back for fraud? i took out a payday loan from kenwood services and i was paying for a while. I have a loan with Kenwood Services. this place is aweful. I borrowed 250 bucks and appearntly was told they would keep me informed per month on the loan and if I didnt stop the loan it would just auto deduct out of my accout for financing fee. 70.5 - Filed : Exhibit Plaintiffs' Exhibit 21 Atts. F-I, - PacerMonitor Mobile Federal and Bankruptcy Court PACER Dockets 844-410-7603. 844 area code: Toll-free. Read comments below about 8444107603. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number. 0. jk. 9 Jun 2015. received this call stating it was a Law Office and they were looking for someone else. had a file number i should reference when i returned the call. Got a call from the number, Steve Pokawski who stated that he was from Jones Meyers and Associates. He called me from the 904-647-9953; His message said that I was a Person of Interest in something in Mecklinburg County N.C. I have never lived in Mecklinburg County N.C. I am not sending anyone money on the allegation that I owe them. 天然石ビーズ・パワーストーン・音楽療磨e岩塩・自然派アイテム・マジカルグッズ等の通信販売サイト Kenwood services allege I received funds in the form of a payday loan deposited into my checking account on October 26, 2011. The fact is NOTHING was deposited or cashed in my bank account on October 26, 2011, prior to that date , after that date or ever for that matter. Google kenwood services payday loans, 2nd the lady that called was.