Hype train payday 2

hype train payday 2

Comments have been removed due to unnecessary requestioning. From the OVK hype train webpage. Download: https:/. DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying we don't appreciate the rewards, or more events similar to Crimefest. I'm not saying that the $5 DLC is a bad idea (certainly not! it's a good bit of DLC I think, it's something fresh and different). I'm not saying I don't appreciate OVERKILL's work (I've bought every DLC except the 2 most recent) and that I wouldn't throw more money at them for more content. However. This is just an estimate so feel free to adjust the equation to be more accurate Currently 1.9 mil gallons hype fuel has been collected So Hotline Miami cost 15 bucks and thats worth 5 gallons hype fuel so heres an equation if it costs 15 bucks per 5 hype fuel. 1900000 divided by 5 = 380000 = the number of 15 bucks people spent for 5 hype fuel 380000 multiplied by 15 = 5700000 If it cost 15. developer Overkill announced the game's next DLC and a goal-based community event titled The Hype Train. The Overkill Pack, PayDay 2's 17th piece of DLC, unlocks a new minigun, three minigun. Please mind the gap, get your tickets ready and find your seat. This is no ordinary commuter train where first-come is first-served, with no guarantee of a seat and no onboard services, no, this is the Hype Train, and we are going to need Hype Fuel to reach our destinations. Tagged: feelings, opinions, Overkill Software, Payday 2, Payday 2: Hype Train, Payday 2: Spring Break, thoughts, video games. Leave a comment. It’s finally over. The most anticipated Payday 2 event since CRIMEFEST 2014 is over. I’m. Last year Overkill Software ran an impressive marketing event called Crimefest for their hit game Payday 2. The event featured months of lead up where players could influence the rewards they would get for free based on how many people signed up to the Payday 2 Steam group which culminated in an entire week of free updates to the game. During the hype train, payday 2 went on sale as part of the steam-bringing-games-to-linux sale, does this mean Payday 2 will be developed for Mac as well as Linux? When the Linux version (and Mac version) are released, will players from all platforms be able to play with each other? 7 comments. share. Overkill Software, your friendly DLC lenders have bought us a new event called the Hype Train for PAYDAY 2 during Spring Break 2015! Awesome new content for sheeps, donate $20 to add 14 gallons. Posts about Payday: The Heist written by Eraz. Hello again everyone! It’s time to talk about Payday 2 again. I know you’re probably sick of me rattling on about this game, but there’ll probably be one more post on it after this and that’s IT.