Debt email from ez payday

debt email from ez payday

Ripoff Report on: Robert Watson - Robert watson ez payday loans ripoff debt email from threatened internet RE: Debt Email From EZ Payday x Rogers Stephen 6:01 PM (3 hours ago) Reply to me LA7009496302 is your case number. The Lawsuit has been filed. You will receive court summons, subpoenas and other legal documentations till October 19. Let’s face this issue in legal manner. We will see you in the court house. Ripoff Report on: EZ Payday/ Cash - Ez payday cash another scam email internet Subject: Debt Email From EZ Payday DON'T IGNORE THIS MESSAGE KINDLY FORGIVE US IF YOU RECEIVE THIS EMAIL IN JUNK/SPAM FOLDER PLEASE DO NOT FORCE US TO DRAG YOU TO COURT HOUSE AND RESPOND US IMMEDIATELY My name is Stacey Richards and I am a legal advisor with EZ CASH. Ez payday cash net. On i got an email from these people saying i owed 5468.89 and i needed to pay this. This is a scam!!!! Beware. We have never had a payday loan with this company.If you get a email like this report it to your local police dept. I dont know how all these people are getting away with this