Can you be arrested for unpaid payday loans

can you be arrested for unpaid payday loans

I also want to know Can I be sued for a payday loan? and finally can you be arrested for unpaid payday loans. Please can someone give me some clarification. I have $5000 dollars worth of unpaid payday loans and I want to know if I can write this off. Thanks in advance @Find Some Money. Ammo_Ram, Jul 18, 2016 1. got a loan for 1,500 with intrest it went up to 3,000 i made a payment of 300, the lady that was assigned my case is really really rude, is calling me to phone numbers i have told her numerous times not to call she told me if i dont make a payment she is going to send me a warant for my arrest and take my to court and she also said she had a client that went to jail for 6 months because he. When Roger Tillman lost his job, he knew money would be tight. But he never thought he could end up in jail for being broke. Tillman’s job as a late-night security guard in Houston had paid $9. Can a payday loan company hire another company to issue a warrant for an unpaid loan?i owe a owe a payday loan $222.50 i live iin Phila. pa as of 3/13/09 i told them i could pay them in full on 3/20/09 they told me the were going to issue a warrant for check fraud because i closed my bank account, the bank actually froze my account. can i be arrested? the company that notifed me was ccr. Got a call from this number, lady was a real rude bit--. Told me that there is a case against me for unpaid paid day loans. That I needed to come up with 900.00 in hours or turn myself in to the police or they will come and arrest me. Claiming I commit bank fraud and check fraud. Can you be arrested for unpaid payday loans? It personally seems like you can't to me simply because I didn't forge or even write a check. I gave all my correct info including my bank info. I simply don't think I am going to be able to pay it back in a timely matter. It seems like a regular loan to me, and I have never heard of anyone getting arrested for not repaying a loan. Can you be arrested for unpaid payday loans. i filled loan app out to be debited. Asked 6/15/11, 2:52 pm in United States Louisiana Credit, Debt and Collections Law 1 can you be arrested for unpaid payday loans. i filled loan app out to be debited from my savings account. The money was put into my savings account, now the payday ;loan company are saying that they cant not ACH payments from my account because its a savings, when they knew this because they placed the loan into my account.