Big oil payday 2

big oil payday 2

One of the toughest heists in Payday 2 is the Big Oil Heist. It’s not the enemies or locations that make the heist difficult, it’s the amount of intricate details you have to look for that does. Payday 2 BigOil day2 Fusion Engine selector, helper Big Oil is a two-day heist in PAYDAY 2. Contracted by The Elephant, the crew must seize a fusion reactor prototype so The Elephant can receive support from oil conglomerates for an upcoming election. The heist is listed as stealthable, but due to the structure of Day 2, this is functionally. The second day of Payday 2's Big Oil has been causing a lot of headaches for people. This is a guide for anyone stuck at the puzzle. After watching this vide. Note: Sometimes it gets confusing where the live commentary part is and where the post commentary is. Next time I will make the distinction of only doing one. Put a crew together for the second entry in the thrilling heist shooter PayDay. Up to four friends co-operate on the hits and as the crew progresses the jobs become bigger, better and more rewarding. Big oil can be quite a complicated heist. The biggest issue you will encounter is finding the correct fusion engine in Day 2. There are always 12 different fusion engines and you can only test one engine at a time. Read more to make sure you know which one you should take! I found the clipboard which shows how many nozzles and the computer. But I searched everywhere and I cannot find the notepad which identify if the engine is Helium, Nitrogen, etc. I want to do Doctor fantastic achievement for my friend. Hi there guys as we saw many players don't know how to get the right engine yet, so i made this step by step guide to help you out to get the right engine and also get the achievement Dr. Fantastic После того как система безопасности будет взломана, появляется доступ в лабораторию, которая содержит двенадцать прототипов термоядерных реакторов, и мы должны найти правильный реактор.